Imported for you

Specialising in imported goods from across the Middle East, We have carefully hand-selected all our grocery brands and products to give you a wide selection of items,

Our extensive grocery selection includes variety of beans and grains, large selection of spices and herbs, a myriad of cheeses, olives, pickles, nuts and seeds, yogurts and labnah, sweets such as baklava, halwa and nougats, speciality jams and spreads, honey, tahini sauces, and molasses Just to name a few. 

Please come and see what we have in stock.

Beans & Grains

Rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals grains and beans are an excellent source of complex carbohydrates that promote healthy living. We feature one of the largest selection of imported rice, beans, grains and your essential baking mixes by from the Middle East and Canada. Always in stock and ready for you.

Canned & Jarred food

Tasty Mediterranean canned and jarred foods. From delicious Jordanian tahini to exquisite Persian preserves we got it all. Great variety of Greek kalamata olives, jarred pickles and capers, Turkish stuffed grape leaves, Moroccan preserved lemon and many others. Ready and in stock and for you.

Honey & Syrups

Did you know that we carry local Nova Scotian honey from the Valley? Also Black River Maple Syrup from Mabou. We also carry natural and organic honey items from Buram and Sheffa. Imported from many great producers. Always a selection of quality honey available in the variety of packages.